How to upload a video to our youtube account
First open a browser and go to
On the right of the window, click on the Sign In link (if you're already signed in, sign out and click sign in again).
For the username, enter moorewedding and for the password, enter ourmarriage. Click the Sign In button.
This is what your screen should look like if you successfully logged in. Click the Upload button next to where it says Browse. If the name and/or password didn't work, send us an e-mail at and I'll see what I can do.
The Upload link should take you to this screen, where you can click the golden Upload video button to browse through your files.
Find the video you want to upload in your files and select it.
youtube will begin uploading the video.
While it's uploading, you can enter a title and description.
You can also choose a category if you'd like.
Don't forget to click the Save button at the bottom or you'll have to enter this information again.
Once the upload finishes, the page will let you know with this message.
You can view the video by going up to the button at the top that says moorewedding and selecting My Videos
Here you'll find a list of videos you and others have uploaded, the most recent of which should be yours. Click on it to view.
The video will likely not be available immediately, as youtube has to process all the videos it receives before displaying them. Wait 10 to 20 minutes and refresh the page to check again. And that's how to upload a video to youtube. Let's do it now!